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  • Strong connection between music participation at a very young age and improved cognitive skills
  • Increased creative thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Music has a positive effect on children's memory and spatial reasoning
  • Wonderful bonding experience for parent and child
  • Parents learn how to continue to bring music into their child's life after the class ends - even if they're not a musician

These pre-school music classes offer a fun and engaging environment for children ages 18 months to 4 years—the ones that are too young for private music lessons—to explore music. Each semester includes a variety of activity-packed classes to accommodate various learning styles. Students will begin to learn the fundamentals of music through listening, singing, clapping, rhythm instruments, movement and play. We have combined aspects of the most trusted music education methods to create a truly unique, engaging, and complete curriculum.

Because each semester and class is varied, it is not necessary to have different levels within each age group.

The classes are designed to activate and stimulate different parts of the brain than the typical daily experiences in a child's life. Music has been shown by studies, such as the one by Educational Activities, Inc., to have a positive effect on children's cognitive skills, such as memory and spatial reasoning.

Classes are grouped by age for 19-35 months and 3-4 years. Each class runs for a semester: Summer is 10 weeks and Fall, Winter and Spring are each 12 weeks. Each class meets once each week - 30 minutes for the young ones and 40 minutes for the 3- and 4-year-olds. Class size is limited to 8 students (plus parents) so that everyone gets the benefits of a small class with the interaction of a larger group of other kids.

Our Pre-School classes make all of the science happen with full engagement and parent-child time that enhances the sheer joy of learning and immersing in music. Plus, everything you need for the classes is included!

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